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XTAR PB2S Powerbank and Charger Review

XTAR has a new powerbank on the market.  The name is PB2S, and it’s an upgraded PB2.  This one has noteworthy improvements – USB-C and support for bigger cells.  Read on for a bit of testing!

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XTAR ST2 Charger Review

XTAR is a maker of many, and fast chargers.  They have a new on on the market!  It’s an update to the poorly named “Over 4 Slim.”  This one’s been updated to USB-C, and is called the ST2.  

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XTAR SC2 Charger Review

Today I have another charger by XTAR in for review.  I have reviewed a number of “simple” chargers by XTAR (the D2 and D4, for example).  This is simple in the same way, but adds Quick Charge 3 connectivity.  That means it should be capable of faster (much faster?) charging that other (non QC3) chargers.  Let’s see if that pans out!

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Nitecore UMS2 and UMS4 Charger Review

My first “real” cell charger was a Nitecore D4.  Nitecore came close to replacing it a while back with the SC4, but they’ve certainly done it with these new two chargers – the USM2 and USM4.  These chargers (most importantly?) fit 21700 cells, among other awesome features.  Read on!

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XTAR D2 and D4 Charger Review

XTAR makes some great products, and have a massive line of chargers.  Here are two new chargers, the D2 and D4.  Very similar chargers, except one’s a 2-bay, and one’s a 4-bay.  I think they could make great basic fast chargers, but I’m glad to test them to find out!

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XTAR VC2S Charger Review

Xtar has a bunch of new chargers out, including this update to a previous model.  This is the VC2S, which steps up the game from the original VC2 by adding an S!!  Maybe more, but read on to find that info out!

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Nitecore V2 Charger Review

I was on a long driving trip a while back and fighting for access to USB ports.  All while wanting to be able to charge 18650 cells (because I was using those cells in my Nitecore F2 for charging devices).  Now Nitecore comes out with the perfect product?  I’m pleased to have one from Nitecore Store for review! Read on, and hope you enjoy!

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