LTE LIGHTING EVEN LED Flood Light, LTE 50W Security Light

This is the second light from an amazon seller, LTE Lighting EVEN.  The first, I reviewed already – the Zoomie.  I wasn’t a huge fan of that one, but on the surface this light looks much better…. even though it’s not a flashlight.  I won’t evaluate it like I would a flashlight, but that’s the direction I’ll come from.  It’s intended as a flood light.

Official Specs and Features

That’s an amazon link (but not a referral link!)


There are quite a few versions of this light, as far as I can tell.  They differ in wattage, and thus output.  There are a few with different emitters.  There’s even an RGB option!


The quoted msrp is $60, but the light always sells for $30 (referral link).

Short Review

This isn’t a bad light for pure flood.  I wish the tint was warmer and there was an actual switch, and that LTE included a plug.

Long Review

What’s Included


  • LTE EVEN Flood light
  • Manual

Note: the wire is bare – you’ll need to get your own plug!  I used this one.

Package and Manual

The flood light arrives in a simple corrugated box.  It’s printed with the light specifics (ie, “50W”), and some other specs.


The manual is a manual but also a bit of a sales sheet.  It’s pretty descriptive of how to use, but also attach, the light.  It’s meant to be mounted, in fact.  It has an angled foot, which…. isn’t really a foot!  This bracket has screw holes which are meant to be screwed into an eave or something.  Then the bracket is tightened on the sides of the light, to preserve the desired angle.

Build Quality and Disassembly

The body of this light is well built.  There’s a big cooling fin on the back…. well really the whole back is a cooling fin!  The front… well  it seems like the front would need some further waterproofing before using it outdoors in a permanent installation as a flood light.

The emitter and reflector is behind a glass piece that covers the entire front.  This glass is held in place tightly by screws from the back.  It seems like it’s probably sealed by a rubber gasket, but I haven’t disassembled it to tell.


The screws on the sides that is used to tighten the bracket which sets the angle, when the light is mounted.

I say this very specifically because one really can’t use this bracket as a foot; the wiring that exits the bottom of the light comes straight out, and when the light rests on this, the wiring is put at much too sharp of an angle.  I’d love for this wiring to either come out with an angle protector so the wire would come out from the back, or for the wire to actually come out of the back.



Here you can see the screws (on the back) that hold down the glass cover (on the front).


The light is 24cm x 22cm.  The reflector is 17cm x 13cm.  And the led is quite large, too, at about 2.7cm square.


As stated above, power is provided by a wall plug.  A wall plug that isn’t provided. I purchased on from Amazon, and connected it myself.  This is very easy (especially if you get the plug I got).

I tried to show below how to connect the cable.  The plug has different color screws based on which wire goes to which prong.  Green is ground.  Ground is labeled on the plug.  The other two, Hot and Neutral aren’t labeled but the black wire goes to the gold screw, and the white wire goes to the silver screw.  Of course, make sure that’s accurate for whatever plug you purchase.

Below you can see the sharp that the wire exits the body, mentioned above.


User Interface and Operation

Plug the light in and it comes on.  Unplug and it goes off.  There’s really nothing more to it than that.  Unfortunately there’s no switch.  And of course this means there are no modes, too.

LED and Beam

The emitter is unspecified.  The listing states that this is a “Daylight White” but I find that to be a bit inaccurate.  This is a cool white light.  However they do specify “6000K” which is probably approximately accurate.


Tint vs BLF-348



What I like

  • Purpose built, it’s pretty ok light

What I don’t like

  • Lack of modes or even on/off
  • Tint isn’t great, but probably as advertised
  • Lack of plug included
  • Actual glass front
  • Must be mounted, no good floor/portable option


  • This light was provided by LTE Lighting Even for review. I was not paid to write this review.
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