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Rover Camel Ta6132 Keychain Flashlight Review

There’s a new titanium keychain light on the market, by a brand you probably haven’t heard of.  This is the Rover Camel Ta6132, and it’s a pretty well featured little light, that also happens to be keychain size.  Read on for some testing and thoughts!

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Nitecore TUBE 2.0 Keychain Flashlight Review

Here’s a version 2 light by Nitecore, where I have surprisingly never reviewed the first version.  It’s the TUBE2.0; a slim keychain light, with a bare 5mm emitter and ramping.  Read on for some testing!

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Coast HP7R Flashlight Review

Today I have in for review the second of two Coast lights.  This is the Coast HP7R, a custom lithium ion or 4xAAA battery light.  It’s a zoomie, and most importantly, has a very fetching orange color body.  Read on for some testing and thoughts!

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Coast Polysteel 600R Zoomie Flashlight Review

Always on the hunt for the perfect orange flashlight, recently I found this one by Coast.  It looks like a fun light, so I reached out to Coast, and they sent this one (and another one) out for review.  This is my testing of the Coast Polysteel 600R, a plastic zoomy with batteries included.

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Nitecore LR50 Lantern Review

Today I have in for review the new Nitecore LR50 lantern.  It’s an interesting lantern, offering more than just…. lanterning.  It has charging, and can serve as a powerbank, too!

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Occasionally I get a light that I ask for.  Sometimes I don’t…  Sometimes I ask for something just because it looks fun and awesome and like it also might get you shot by police, and I get sent this light for review.  This is a hunting light.  I’m no hunter.  It’s still neat and fun, and I can evaluate.  I hope the info here will be useful for hunters.  This light has so many options.  I tapped out just a little with regards to a leave-no-screw-unturned rigorous evaluation, but I hope there’s a reasonable amount of info here.

Also forgive me for a little bit of holiday cheer – I’ve saved this Red and Green light for my Christmas Light review!!  Merry Christmas!

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Zanflare SB-6039 Solar Tent Light Review

While this is a light, it’s not really a typical flashlight.  And to be honest I’ve had it on a shelf to review for a while and I’m going to put it on the “Tuesday” (aka “not a flashlight”) review day.  So here are my thoughts on this little solar powered hanging light, the Zanflare SB-6039.

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Zanflare T1 Lantern Review

This lantern came to my attention through many discussions about how great it was.  I wasn’t initially interested, but I asked GearBest to send one over.  Zanflare is the GearBest housebrand, and they obliged my request!  Here’s my review of this cool little lantern.

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Nitecore LC10 Lantern/Charger Review

There’s another entry in the …. let’s call it the “USB dongle charger” list.  This is the Nitecore LC10, which is similar to other dongle chargers, but adds a few new features!  There’s an in-line lantern, and the poles are reversible on this charger.  Read on for more!

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Nitecore LA30 Lantern Review

Nitecore has a new lantern out, with some unusual features.  This is the LA30, which has an internal pouch cell (lipo), and can also run off 2 AA sized cells, too.  It’s a nice combo, and has red and white emitters, too!

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