VKAR SCTX10 Remote Control Truck

VKAR SCTX10 Remote Control Truck

The VKAR SCTX10 is a 1:10 scale remote control truck made for short track racing. Read on for some photos and videos of this little racer!

Official Specs and Features

Here’s a link to the VKAR SCTX10 Remote Control Truck product page.  (I can’t find a VKAR official site.)


I think there are multiple versions of this car base, with a couple of plastic bodies.  But all are essentially the same.


The current listed price at GearBest is $250, but the car seems to be out of stock at the moment.

Short Review

I. absolutely. love. this. thing.

This is the funnest car I have ever played with.  The battery life is great, and the car is just so stinking fast.

Long Review

What’s Included


  • VKAR SCTX10 V2
  • Transmitter/Receiver
  • Hex drivers (3)
  • Charger (EU version, but the charger accepts C7 plug, which is easy to find)
  • Manual

Here’s a close-up of the smaller parts.


Package and Manual

The box for shipping this car (yes I’m going to call it a car) is pretty huge.  But the car itself, at 1:10, is large too.  The box is highly printed and has a good bit of product info, too.


All the parts are secured to an inner “sleeve” which is easy to pull out.

Once removed, the car is easily accessible.


I never found an official copy of the manual online, so I scanned it.  Here’s a PDF of the VKAR_sctx10_v2_manual.  It’s quite long and very thorough.  It even includes a blowout of all the parts!  Very handy for replacing parts.

Build Quality and Disassembly

This is quite a solid little car.  The body is thin and flexible, but I found that to be a good thing.  I flip the car quite often. 🙂  The thin body accepts bending fairly well, and honestly, I don’t think I’ve even scratched it!



This is built like a short-track racing car and has the decals to support that.  Though in this case, they aren’t decals but printed onto the body.  With one exception: the racing number panels above the rear tires – those are held in place by a soft sticker.




This is a very nice-looking car!



There are four cotter pins holding the body to the chassis.  The front and back are not the same distance apart, so you won’t accidentally reverse the body.

The car is almost entirely plastic.  I think that’s expected for the type of car this is (read: very fast).

The two blue velcro strips you see below are holding the battery in place.


There’s not really a skid plate, so many of the bottom parts are exposed.  VKAR makes an accessory guard which goes from front axle to rear axle, and provides a lot of stiffness and protection for the undercarriage.  At $16, it’s a needed accessory for the car.  Find it here.

Covering all the electronic components is a dust guard.  It stays on the chassis by an elastic band around the bottom.  It’s a little fiddly to get installed, but it doesn’t come off unless you remove it.


It’s very fine mesh, and it does have a proper orientation.  Below, see the slit where the antenna sticks through.  I’m not really sure how important that is, but it’s easy enough to orient.


Obviously, this doubles as a beard net.


The guts revealed:


The battery is held in place with two velcro straps.  They are very easy to use because they’re free to rotate through the bottom.  The car isn’t strictly waterproof, but it is billed as having a waterproof ESC.


The blue parts seem to be aluminum and are some of the few metal parts on the car.



The pieces at the top and bottom in the photo below aren’t actually handles, though they can essentially be used that way.  They’re to keep the body out from the chassis.


Some of the small tools included.


A bind plug is included, but I didn’t need it – the system starts right up on first power on.  I think this is only needed if you’re trying to bind a different transmitter to the car.


This is a 1:10 scale car.  The dimensions are as follows:
Wheelbase: 324mm
Tire diameter: 105mm
Ground clearance: 33mm

1:10 isn’t a small car.  When I think of RC cars, I think of 1:12 scale.  Probably you do too.  This car is going to be bigger than that.  Still not too big for small backyard fun, though.


VKAR includes a 3500mAh 11.1V battery.  I tested the cell at around 3300mAh, which is reasonably close (and I didn’t really do a full battery of tests on the battery, just a general charge).  It has a balance plug and a T-Connector.


I don’t really like T-Connectors; I find them hard to use. But they work well.


Here’s a better shot of how the battery is held in place.  The velcro loops are free to move in one direction, making them easy to connect, and get tight on the battery.


A balance charger is included.  It charges the battery via just the balance connector.  I prefer to use my hobby charger, and I recommend anyone who rc’s much to grab one.  I use the SkyRC Imax B6 Mini (which I reviewed here).  I love the B6 Mini!  It connects to the balance charger and also the T-Connector, and I typically charge at 3A.

That said, this one does work.  There are three lights that indicate the state of charge.

It’s capable of charging 2s and 3s lipo packs.

Note that the cable that plugs into the wall is a European plug.  I happen to have the right plug (C7) from my Nitecore D4 for testing.


Traction (And playing with the Car)

“Traction” might be a strange heading, but essentially here are some shots of me playing with the car.  I have to tell you, this thing is fast.  There’s a speed trim, though, and so if it’s TOO fast, or if you’re just learning or whatever, it’s possible to dial down the speed.

Slow shutter speed or the car is just that fast?  Who can say…


Introduction video:

Yes, I ran it straight into the wall.  😐

Reverse obviously works very well.  The reverse motion is also used as a brake, and really you’ll be needing that often.

Just a bit of slow-speed maneuvering.

The brushless motor is very quiet!

User Interface and Operation

The switch to turn the car off and on is under the body, on the top side of the chassis.  It’s pictured below, hidden away in there…. It’s covered with a clear soft boot, to keep water and debris out.


The pistol grip transmitter is very nice – the most comfortable I’ve handled.

In the right column is steering (ST.) and throttle (TH.) trim.


The grip is not foam, it’s more of a rubber grip, and provides an excellent surface for controlling the wheel.


The throttle is very plastic and doesn’t cup my finger quite as I’d like.  There’s just too big a gap.



The manual says this requires 8 AA cells, but mine just requires 4.



What I like

  • SPEED!!
  • A great RTR package
  • The transmitter is fantastic
  • The steering wheel on the transmitter deserves special mention
  • The traction provided allows extremely fast acceleration.

What I don’t like

  • Included charger is slow


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