EVVA 18650 Cell Review

I received these cells from for review in their hunting light (that review is upcoming!).  They wanted these cells reviewed too, and to get the idea out that you know…  hey, they sell cells! As always, click for bigger images!!!

Official Specs


These cells are currently $13.99 at

Short Review

These cells perform like they should.

Long Review


These cells came to me in a bigger package, but within the hunting light package, these cells had a 2-up plastic box case.

Build Quality

Not much to report!  These cells are built like a good protected 18650 should be!


I measure these 18650 cells at 21mm x 70.5mm. Much longer than an actual “18650” of course!


I’ve tried to keep the scales similar, so over time the charts will be generally comparable.

Discharge tests




This is a new section, and I added it just because I think it’s interesting.  “Bounce back” is what the cell voltage does when the cell rests after a discharge. Interestingly, after heavy discharge rates, the cell bounces back higher.  This corresponds to a discharge amount of less energy, and does mean that there’s energy left in the cell.  So if I selected the cell with the highest bounce back (ie the cell that was discharged at the highest current), then discharged it to 2.8V at 0.2A, I’d still find that there was a lot of energy still in the cell.

Charge test

Power, Constant

Internal Resistance


These are good cells that perform like they should, and it’s a nice inclusion in the hunting light package.  As they are bare from, $13.99 is a bit expensive.

Up Next

Tomorrow I have another flashlight review!  Something I’ve been putting off for…. months now.


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