Cell Testing

Vapcell S4 Plus Charger Review

I’ve tested a bunch of Vapcell cells, but I think this is the first charger.  Also it’s been a long time since I tested a charger and so I ended up not testing this one in a timely manner.  This is my last remaining 2019 review item.  Sorry Vapcell and thanks for being patient!  Also I’m stating up front that my charger reviews are likely going to get scaled back.  In this case I’m basically testing the main feature, which is the ability to charge 4 bays at 3A each!!

Nanfu Tenavolt Lithium Ion AA Cell Review

The users over at https://www.reddit.com/r/AAMasterRace/ recently got some traffic from the Nanfu guys.  Since I do some cell testing, I agreed to test these Nanfu Tenavolts.  They’re AA sized lithium ion cells, which are bucked down to the more common 1.5V for AA NiMH or alkaline cells.  The claims these make aren’t trivial, so I was interested to test them.  

Vapcell IFR26650 2600mAh 55A Lithium Ion Cell Review

This is the last in my bunch of Vapcells.  I’ve held it til now because it’s a mix of most and least interesting….  First off it’s an IFR chemistry, which means it needs special charging.  Secondly it has massive current capabilities.  Read on for some testing! As always, click for bigger images!!! Official Specs Here’s a link to …

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