klarus g25 21700 cree xhp70.2 flashlight feature shot laying on side
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Klarus G15 Flashlight (Floody Cree XHP70.2 and 21700) Review – Better than other 21700 lights?

Klarus has released a new 21700 light.  This is a floody Cree XHP70.2 light, claiming 4000 lumens!  Read on to see how it test, and if it’s better than the competition!

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Imalent MS06 Flashlight Review

Imalent has released a new can style light.  It’s the first of its kind, because it uses three 21700 cells.  It’s quite a little beast, claiming an incredible 25000 lumens.  It also has charging built in.  Read on!

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Thrunite T2 Flashlight Review

This is the Thrunite T2, a bigger version but very similar to the Thrunite T1.  The T2 is a 21700 indicating e-switch light, with USB-C charging, and a Cree XHP70 emitter.  It’s a bit of a beast!

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Imalent LD70 Flashlight Review

Today I have another Imalent light, much like the LD10 I reviewed a while back.  This is the LD70, a Cree XHP70.2 emitter light with an OLED display.

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Imalent MS03 Flashlight Review

Today I have an Imalent light – one that claims a massive 13,000 lumens.  I can tell by the product photos that I’d like the size/shape, but let’s see about that output!  Read on for thoughts and testing!

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Convoy 4X18A Flashlight Review

Convoy released a big light!  A 4-cell can (ish) style light capable of big output while retaining the ability to throw quite a bit.  It’s an interesting light, and adds the feature of USB-C charging!

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Thrunite TT10 Flashlight Review

Here’s Thrunite’s newest entry into the flashlight world.  It’s a 21700 light, with three switches.  I happen to love 21700 sized lights, and this one has some very nice features.  Let’s see how it tests!

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Convoy M3 Flashlight Review

BangGood sent a light from probably the most popular, inexpensive enthusiast brands: Convoy.  This is the Convoy M3, a “wall of light” 26650 cell light, and one that’s been discussed excitedly recently.  Here’s my testing and thoughts; hope you enjoy!

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Imalent RT70 Flashlight ReReview

In for review today is another Imalent, in the style of other Imalent’s I’ve had before (RT35, for example).  The RT70 differs from the RT35 though, because while the RT35 was a thrower, the RT70 is much more of a mix/wall-of-light type light.  The Cree XHP70 makes that happen.  Read on for more!

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Sofirn SP70 Flashlight Review

Sofrin has a big light out – a 2×26650 “wall o’ light” light.  This is the SP70, and it’s quite a light!  Read on for more info and testing.

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