Astrolux TP01 Pen Review

I’ve had a couple of pens in for review lately, and that’s been great!  I write a fair bit for work, so it’s been nice to have something other than my custom Bic Clic Stic pen.  This is the Astrolux TP01, a titanium body pen which fits the Parker style refill.  Read on for more!

Official Specs and Features

Here’s the official product page.


There are a bunch of finishes on this pen.  There are even three metal options – titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum.  Here’s a list of the available pens:
– Titanium Alloy Primary (Ti-Primary)
– Titanium Alloy Lightning (Ti-Lightning)
– Titanium Alloy Wave (Ti-Wave)
– Stainless Steel Color (SS-Color)
– Stainless Steel Primary (SS-Primary)
– Aluminum Alloy Gold ( AA-Gold)
– Aluminum Alloy Blue (AA-Blue)
– Aluminum Alloy Red (AA-Red)


All the titanium pens are $66.20.  Stainless is around $32.  Aluminum clocks in the least expensive, at under $20.

Buy these at BangGood, but read the review first!

Short Review

A bunch of finish options, fairly comfortable writing body, and a standard refill.  It’s a nice pen!  I don’t like the way the ink has to be changed, especially since the tools have to be kept up with separately from the pen.

Long Review

What’s Included


  • Astrolux TP01 pen
  • Felt/leather snap pouch
  • Spare screws (2)
  • Spare spring
  • Spare set screw
  • Torx wrench
  • Allen wrench

Pro tip, don’t lose anything shown above.


Standard Astrolux flashlight package – with a pen!

Build Quality and Disassembly

The TP01 is nicely built.  It’s a pretty simple body – that is, there isn’t a specific grip area or anything….  Just four flat spots, that rely on the edges for grip.

This is a bolt action pen.  When up (as below), the tip is retracted.  The bolt area is easy to actuate and smooth, but it feels just like threads on a titanium flashlight; just a little gritty.  Nothing to be done about that – aluminum and stainless are surely not this way.  The spring on the tip of the ink is what provides the resistance here.

This little cap unscrews from the tail end of the pen.  There is no reeding or any real grip, but it unscrews easily enough.  Through the tail is where to change the ink.


Disassembly in this case is very important.  Aside from the clip and its two screws, the pen has to be taken down this far in order to just swap the ink.

Here’s the process:

  1. Unscrew the tailcap
  2. Using the Hex wrench, unscrew the set screw from down the barrel (can’t really see it much in there, just put the Hex wrench in there and go to town.)
  3. Carefully pull the bolt piece straight out of the body of the light.  There is no grip on this to help, but it’s long enough that it’s not that hard.
  4. Pick up the pieces you dropped
  5. Drop the large cylindrical piece out of the barrel
  6. Drop the ink refill out of the barrel – the spring will likely stay on.

Replacing it all is basically the same, it’s just a little fiddly.  Be sure the thumb stud is lined up with the hole in the cylindrical piece, when things are going back together.



Total Length: 119mm
Diameter: 12mm
Material & Weight (With Pen refill):
– Titanium Alloy: 25g
– Stainless Steel: 55g
– Aluminum Alloy: 35g

This is a nice sized pen.  Great for writing and holding.  In fact it’s a nice fidget, too!


Primarily the TP01 will be held by the pocket clip.  It’s not the best pocket clip – certainly not deep carry, and it’s milled (I think) so a bit stiffer than you might expect.  There’s also not that much relief over the pen body, so it won’t fit over anything thick.

The second option is the felt/leather button pouch.  This would be good for carry in a backpack or whatever, and protects the pen well.


I like this pen.  I don’t really like the broad tip ink that ships with it, but it fits what I think is a Parker sized refill, so that’s not a huge deal breaker.  If you really need a bolt action pen, then this is a good option for a reasonable price.

Buy one at BangGood – I’d recommend the aluminum, or at least an aluminum to go along with which ever one you’d like to buy.

What I like

  • Nice looking pen
  • Standard sized refill
  • Many finishes, and 3 metal options

What I don’t like

  • Extremely difficult to change ink
  • Lack of real grip in every place you’d want it


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