My next item from Billetspin is not a top!  It’s a whistle.  This is a newish market for Billetspin, but they have a bunch of products in the category.  They’re very pretty pieces, but also functional whistles!  Read on for more.

Official Specs

Here’s a link to the official product page.

Short Review

This whistle is a great entry into the world of edc type whistles.  Or if you’re a seasoned veteran whistle carrier, then there are some special-metal options you likely won’t see elsewhere.

Long Review


The whistle ships in a bubble wrap pouch.


The copy you see here is a stainless steel flamed titanium pin mouthpiece ( $45), with a low pitch polished and flamed titanium body ($70).  Both parts are required, and they are selected separately on the site.  So the price of the whistle as seen is $115 plus shipping.

There are other options, though.  There’s a plain stainless mouthpiece (all mouthpieces are stainless).  There are all manner of special metal bodies, too.  Stainless, titanium, timascus, mokume, copper, brass…  And many finishes (bead blast, polished, flamed, etc).


The pieces do come apart, of course, as seen below.

In fact this is a bit of a defining characteristic of the Billetspin whistle – the threads seen above will always be a feature of the whistles, so no matter how many revisions the whistle sees in development, old bodies will always mate with new mouthpieces and vice versa.

Maintenance / Disassembly


There’s no so much maintenance to be done here.  Just keep the item clean and free of debris, and it should work well for a long time.  Disassembly is easy; just unscrew the two parts.  The o-ring is important to the sound of the whistle, so it would be prudent to keep that clean, too.


I don’t have a bunch of awesome audio equipment, but just to give you some idea of the sound, here are a couple of videos.  There’s a bit of a start up to getting sound out of the whistle – ie blow hard for best result.  Billetspin tested these whistles (low and high pitch) at around 120 decibels at 6 feet.  Whatever that means to you, what you can take from it is that these are quite loud.

Billetspin has stated that while there are two tones, it wasn’t a goal to have two specific notes being hit.  They suggested that future updates might see that (ie, you might be able to get C or D or E or whatever, in the future.)


There’s a loop on the end of this whistle to allow easy connection of a split ring or lanyard.

Otherwise the body is fairly slick. If you need something with more grip, consider a blasted mokume version


I measure my copy at 13.72mm in diameter (thickest point), and 53.8mm in length.  I believe the high pitch and low pitch bodies are the same size (at least very close).


What I Like

  • Tons of metal options!  (Even matching some of their tops).
  • Low and high pitch bodies
  • Future compatibility

What I Don’t Like

  • A titanium mouth piece would be a good bet for being safe to use in the mouth, even if other metals might not be.


  • This whistle was provided by BilletSpin for review.  I was not paid to write this review.
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