Today I’m testing and playing around with another item from BilletSpin.  This one looks like a tire with spinning rims, and is known as the Evolution Stemless.

Official Specs

Here’s a link to the official product page.

Short Review

This is probably the best top I’ve seen for confusing with a fidget spinner.  This is a mix of both worlds.  Also it’s slim enough to fit in a pocket very easily, since it has no stem.  The lack of a stem makes it a bit harder to spin, so I wouldn’t expect 10 minute spins out of it, but it’s fun do play with.

Long Review


This top shipped in a BilletSpin pouch, inside a bubble wrap pouch.  In this case, the pouch makes for a good way to carry the Evolution, too – the stem doesn’t get in the way.


This item is going for $240 right now at BilletSpin.


Like I said in the intro, this one looks so much like a low rider’s spinning rims, even to the point that the edges look like tire tread.

This metal build is the Zirconium / Spiro Dammy / Stainless Steel option.  The other stemless is sold out, but is completely Stainless.

There is currently just one other metal option available, in the Stemless.

If you want the stem version, though, there are many other metal options.


This top has a great feel and weight.  The designs along the edge give adequate grip for spinning, but it’s still cumbersome to spin fast since the diameter is bigger than the usual stem.

Spin Times

When I say spin times, I’m strictly talking about spin times as a top, as seen below.

The inset also does spin, but not as long.  It spins too, when the top spins as a top – it takes a few seconds to “spin up” and then once the top topples, it takes a few seconds for it to stop.

I did some spintime tests and the results are as follows:

Spin Time (m:s)
1 (concave glass) 1:51.08
2 (concave glass) 2:32.24
3 (concave glass) 2:19.04
4 (concave glass) 2:30.43
5 (concave glass) 2:28.27
6 (concave glass) 3:29.16

I stopped testing on anything but my concave glass, which is as close to a spin station as I have.  It’s pretty good for it, even if it’s not an official piece.

The contact point for spinning is what looks to be a stainless steel ball.

Maintenance / Disassembly

There’s nothing that can be disassembled on The Evolution Stemless.  The pieces are press fit together.

Keeping the top clean should provide a long lifetime.


I measure this at 37.39mm in diameter, and 13.70mm in height.  The weight is 53.95g.

As I said, this is a great in-the-pocket top.


What I Like

  • High quality build
  • This is really a beautiful piece.
  • I like that it looks like a spinning rim
  • Stemless and stemmed options

What I Don’t Like

  • Limited availability of other metals

I have a few more similar items that I’ll be posting in the coming weeks.  If there’s anything more or specific that you’d like to see, please let me know in the comments!


  • This top was provided by BilletSpin for review.  I was not paid to write this review.
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