I once saw MecArmy as a flashlight company.  The more I see their Facebook and Instagram posts, the more I realize they’re actually a gadget company.  That’s certainly the case with the item I have in my hand today – the MecArmy GP1 fidget spinner.  Appointed with anodized titanium, and very fidgety….  Read on for some thoughts and pics!

Official Product Page

Here’s a link to the GP1 page, for the item seen here.

Short Review

This is a fun spinner, and very spinnable.  But even better, it’s very fidgety.  My spin times weren’t all that fantastic, but as a fidget item (ie, not simply going for long spins), this item excels.  Also I love how many iterations of the GP1 are available.


These range in price from !$15 to around ~$100.  The model seen here is listed at $59.60, but the other similar anodized titanium is only $34.95.  Get yours from Going Gear just like I did!  That’s a referral link.  Clicking that link will make my and your day!

Long Review


The best way for me to show all the versions is just to show a screenshot of them….

There’s a G10 (ie plastic) version available in 6 colors.
There’s the titanium version I have here (Green/Purple/Gold).
Another titanium, but Blue/Green/Purple.
And three titanium scale versions with different cores (either full ti, or ti scales with copper core).
Three different damascus versions: Dama and copper, dama and ti in two different finishes.
Two carbon fiber scale versions: one with titanium, and one with copper.
And finally an out of this world titanium finished to mimic moon craters – a very limited edition.


MecArmy has a nicely appointed pressed cardboard box, with embossed logo and info.

The item itself is wrapped in an air tight package – not so important for titanium, but very nice if you’ve ordered a copper version.

What’s Included

  • MecArmy GP1 fidget spinner
  • Torx wrench with two size tips
  • Carry pouch with pull top



This is a nice smaller sized spinner.

Should I be comparing this to flashlights?  Probably not.  But hey look at my engraved BOSS?


The anodized titanium looks great….  It’s also very well done.  The finish on the individual parts is very even.  And none of the parts are intended to be the same color, which makes matching the colors between the parts irrelevant (clever).

Subtle branding on the side.

And a … part number?  Serial number?  I’m not sure – on the other side.  I wouldn’t feel like this is an item that needs a serial number.


The shot below isn’t to show anything negative about the buttons, just that they have a bit of clearance over the body.

Bearing / Spin Times

Officially this has “stainless steel hybrid bearings.”  I’m not sure what is meant exactly, but it’s a standard (and easily replaceable) bearing anyway.

Spin times were quite frankly a bit disappointing.  That said, I don’t see this as a spinner you’d get to have massive spin times – the body weight just isn’t there!  Maybe if you opt for a copper version….  but the titanium on titanium isn’t going to spin long.

I did some spintime tests and the results are as follows:

Spin Time (m:s)
1 (table top) 1:31.60
2 (table top) 1:43.17
3 (table top) 2:11.87
4 (table top) 3:21.11

What it lacks in spin times, though, it gains in fidgetableness.  The arms have nice hooks for ambidextrous flipping, and the buttons allow easy squeezing…. it’s just fun.

Maintenance / Disassembly

It’s a bit of work to get the GP1 disassembled, but it’s really easy.  A Torx driver is included, and that’s the one you need.  Unfortunately the size needed is the short arm of the Torx, and the long arm has a size that isn’t even useful for the GP1 (that I could see).  So using the included tool is cumbersome.

The button unscrews easily – basically it’s a titanium screw with screw post, and big finger pads.

Once that’s off, remove the four corner screws – also screws with screw posts.  These aren’t directional best I could tell, but when I put the GP1 back together I still matched the sides – all the sleeves on one side, all the screws on the other.  But they could go either way really.

The plates are directional – see on the top the screw holes are flat, and the bottom piece has a relief to hold the screw head.  In the picture above, the bottom piece is the out side.


What I like

  • There are so many iterations!!
  • Many of the options are not expensive
  • Some limited editions are very…  thorough?

What I don’t like

  • Spin times on the lighter option leave a bit to be desired


  • I received this spinner from Going Gear for review. I was not paid to write this review.
  • This content originally appeared at zeroair.org.  Please visit there for the best experience!
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