Folomov A1 Single Cell Charger Review

There’s a new charger brand on the markets, being carried by the fine gentlemen at  So far I believe there are three models, the A1, A2, and A4.  The A1 is what we’ll be seeing here (I have the A4 also, look for the review soon).  

The A1 is a very interesting little cable/magnet charger, which doubles as a powerbank.  Read on for more!

Nitecore i8 Charger Review

I’m gladly still receiving items for review from Nitecore.  This time it’s a charger, the brand spankin’ new Nitecore i8 8 bay charger.  My main squeeze is a Nitecore d4, which I’ve been using for ages now.  I like that one a lot, and I’m interested to see how this i8 fares, too.