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BLF Q8 Flashlight Review

The list on BLF to preorder this light was long, and long ago.  After getting on the list, I promptly forgot and never checked back.  When the hype train started regarding orders for this light, it was with bitterness and spite that I started the “Q8 Hate.” (In jest of course.)  Much to my surprise, when I checked I was on the list!  I ordered the light, and [spoiler] love this light!

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Okluma DC1 Brass, Custom Flashlight Review

Occasionally I get a wild hair to ask for a bit of a ‘dream light’ for review.  Such is the case with today’s review item.  I sent Jeff at Okluma a message much to my surprise, he had the perfectly light for me!

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Four Fura Knives Review.

A while back I received a bunch of knives from GearBest for review.  I’ve carried them and am finally getting to this review.  I’ve been delaying because quite frankly I don’t love all of them.  In any case, here are my thoughts (and photos!)

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Folomov A4 Four Bay Charger Review

Here’s the second charger from Folomov and that I’ll be reviewing.  This time it’s a full four-bay charger, with claimed 3A charging capability.

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How I…. Test a Charger (charging a cell)

I have wanted to do a “How I…” Series for a while now.  Not that I have more knowledge than anyone, or more info than you can find on the web.  But I can certainly tell you how I do something.

So without more chatter, here’s how I test a charger.

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Folomov A1 Single Cell Charger Review

There’s a new charger brand on the markets, being carried by the fine gentlemen at  So far I believe there are three models, the A1, A2, and A4.  The A1 is what we’ll be seeing here (I have the A4 also, look for the review soon).  

The A1 is a very interesting little cable/magnet charger, which doubles as a powerbank.  Read on for more!

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James Donkey 619 (104 Key) Mechanical Keyboard Review

I have another 104 key board today – this time just like one I reviewed already.  This is the James Donkey 619 104-key keyboard. Whether it’s perfect for me or not, I hope the review will help you decide if it’s perfect for you.  As this 104 key is much like the 87 key, much of this review will be very similar to the 87 key review. 

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Nitecore EC23 Flashlight Review

This Nitecore is new enough that I hadn’t heard of it yet, but sent it over for a review.  It’s a neat little light! 

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Emisar D1 Flashlight Review

Another Emisar light!  This one I paid for myself, after liking the D4 so much.  I like the idea; let’s see how the execution is.  Since the build is so similar between the D1 and D4, this review will probably be a bit abbreviated.

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Convoy X3 Flashlight Review

I love getting Convoy lights for review.  Here’s another one, (and one I have been asking for), the Convoy X3.  This is a 26650 format small thrower, with cell versatility and a great tint.  Read on for more!

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