Illumn dropped this little mobile phone adapter in a recent package, and I wanted to give it a quick look.  I can’t test it fully, because my USB-C thingie seems to be down still, but I can help to see what the thing does, and probably if you’d even want one!

Official Specs

Here’s the most official product page I can find at the moment.  Ebay!  I’m sure it’s out there, but I can’t find it on the main page, or aliexpress, etc.  Anyway this gives us a good metric of the price….


The price is $30.  This should be available at Illumn soon (that’s where I got mine!)

Short Review

I’m a data junkie, so this is a nice wall wart for my USB-C devices.  With the capability up to 3A (and at least 12V), this is a very capable adapter!

Long Review

Key Features

  • PD Transmission Function
    100-240 volts input is ideal choice for any outdoor activities, ONE for all.
  • Fast Charging Technology:
    Built in intelligent chip can automatically choose optimum charging current&voltage for various devices, max output up to 3A
    5V/3A、9V/2A、12V3A、15V/3A、20V/2.25A  5 different charging modes
  • Great compatibility:
    Type-C perfect match with Notebooks、Ultrabooks、Tablets、PSP、Phones、digital devices and accessories
  • Practical LDC display:
    Charging current,voltage and accumulated power capacity all shown in ONE display
  • High conversion efficiency:
    Nickel plating copper USB-C port, decent electro conductivity and reducing the power loss
  • Last DOE Level VI:
    Passed the professional organization test and awarded FCC/ROHS/CE certification

Manual and Packaging

The PD45 ships in a plastic package, with specs and XTAR branding on the back.  It’s no secret that AllMaybe is an XTAR brand!


The manual is fairly brief.

What’s Included

  • AllMaybe PD45
  • Manual

Build Quality and Durability

The PD45 is a solid little brick.  It’s also nice looking.  The finish is very slick, and the plastic is sort of sparkly.  I love that the wall plug flips out – that makes it a great travel device!

The bottom has some important specs – notably that the PD45 has a bunch of voltage ranges – 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, and 20V.  My main USB-C device uses 12V, and the max there is 3A.

The screen is a pretty typical XTAR screen.  Blue on blue.


Officially, the PD45 is 58*58*28.7mm in size.


As stated above, the wall plug flips in and out, stowing away nicely.

That does mean that the PD45 sticks out from the wall a fair bit when being used.

I only tested with standard US wall plug AC voltages (~110/115) but the input is ok all the way up to 240V!

User Interface and Operation

There’s a single button on the PD45.  But like most XTAR products, the button doesn’t actually seem to do all that much.  The PD45 will charge regardless of what button presses you make…  More or less a placebo button.  But long pressing it will turn off the backlight, and double pressing it will clear the log.

Anyway, during use, the display works as follows:

Display is the voltage setting, how much current is being used at this moment, and how many Wh over time.

The cumulative Wh will also reset when the PD45 is unplugged.


What I like

  • Device is nice and small
  • Potential for 45W of power!
  • USB-C
  • PD charging!

What I don’t like

  • Only one port
  • A regular USB port would really set this device off!
  • Placebo button


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