I recently got a few items from BilletSPIN again, and hope to get them posted in the next couple of weeks.  First off, and to coincide with the release (which was yesterday), is the Jester Version 3.  In this case, it’s tungsten copper, which is very heavy and a pretty neat material!  Read on for more photos and the like!

Official Specs

Here’s a link to the official product page.

Short Review

This is a very cool top, made even cooler by the material.  Tungsten copper is so dense and heavy.  So heavy.

Long Review


This top shipped in a BilletSpin pouch, inside a bubble wrap pouch.  In this case, the pouch makes for a good way to carry the Jester, too – the stem doesn’t get in the way, and the Jester is very tiny.


These are going for (what I consider to be a low price of) $75 on the BilletSPIN website.  (Still available as of today!)


The Jester in Tungsten Copper has a mostly coppery look – slightly lighter than regular copper.  It’s a very nice, “light copper” look.  (It’s not at all “light copper” though, more on that later!)

The body, which is just one piece (save the spin point) has a three spoke design, with smooth edges.

And when I say smooth edges, I mean it.  At one point during testing I wanted to stop during a spin, and grabbed by the edges.  It’s so smooth I couldn’t even feel it spinning.

The top of the stem, interestingly, is hollow.  I don’t know the design logic behind this but I imagine it has something to do with rotational weight (in this case, putting more of the weight on the waist.)

The grip area is pleasantly not directional. Just some deep grooves, with a little offset from each neighbor.

The bottom is also very smooth!


I said this above, but I’ll say it again.  The widest parts of the Jester Version 3 are so very smooth.  During a spin they’re so smooth you can grab it without even being able to tell it’s spinning.

The grip area is the opposite, in a great way.  Plenty of grip for maximum force to be applied to a spin, and when stopping a spin, these grooves are deep enough to force a nice “vrrrrrrrrrrr” on your fingers.

Spin Times

I spun this guy a bunch.  I’m no master spinner by any stretch, and I don’t even have a spin station.  But I was pulling some pretty good times, with not all that much effort.

These shots are all just for the photos though…. on a soft wood surface you’ll expect the top to act funny.

The bill below helped a little, but really this too is just for the photos.

And isn’t the backside of a $2 bill just fantastic?

I did make a warp attempt, which only went “so so” well.

Here are some actual spintime tests and the results are as follows (including one full video!):

Spin Time (m:s)
1 (concave glass) 13:01.00 (video)
2 (concave glass) 9:59.39
3 (concave glass) 13:22.13
4 (concave glass) 13:04.33

I stopped testing on anything but my concave glass, which is as close to a spin station as I have.  It’s pretty good for it, even if it’s not an official piece.

The contact point for spinning is a tungsten carbide ball bearing.

Maintenance / Disassembly

There’s nothing that can be disassembled on the Jester Version 3.  It’s a one piece body, and the tungsten carbide bearing is press fit in.

Keeping the top clean should provide a long lifetime.


Officially: Weight is 39 grams. 1.05” diameter.


What I Like

  • High quality build
  • Amazing spin times
  • Very pocketable, and small
  • Extreme grip for excellent spins
  • Very good price

What I Don’t Like

  • [blank]


I have a few more similar items that I’ll be posting in the coming weeks.  If there’s anything more or specific that you’d like to see, please let me know in the comments!


  • This top was provided by BilletSpin for review.  I was not paid to write this review.
  • This content originally appeared at zeroair.org.  Please visit there for the best experience!
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