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The Dapper Design KLIP titanium knife is a clever little knife/hook that you can keep tucked away until you have an “everyday carry” need!

Dapper Design KLIP Titanium Knife Official Specs

Here’s a link to the Dapper Design KLIP Titanium Knife product page.

Versions of the Dapper Design KLIP Titanium Knife

There are two versions of the KLIP.  Titanium (seen here), and black anodized aluminum.

Short Review

This is a pretty neat little knife, and one I’m much more likely to carry as a backup.  It’s great for opening boxes or letters or whatever, but I would likely never think about using this as a survival tool.

Long Review

Package and Manual


What's included

What’s Included

what's included

  • Dapper Design KLIP Titanium Knife
  • Twist-Lock Steel Cable Ring – Silver
  • Twist-Lock Steel Cable Ring – Black



This is a fairly fetching little knife – The titanium handle has a nice stonewash finish.  The blade has a nice matching finish, too!

open but no detent

(Note, in the photo above the blade isn’t resting on a detent, it’s just held there loosely by friction.)

laying on side open

Open / Close / Lock

The Dapper Design KLIP Titanium Knife is a non-locking knife, much more like a very non-traditional slip joint than anything.

There is no detent.  The knife is either fully open or fully closed.

This little fingernail nick is on both sides of the blade, and is surprisingly deep.

in hand

It’s possible to flick the blade out with just a fingernail, but much easier is to pinch the blade and lift.

blade edge

I’ll add that the pivot screw is very easily adjustable.  There are indentions for turning it with a flat head screwdriver.

Build and Feel

This little knife is all angles, to me.  The finish is smooth, but everywhere you touch is either a loop or an edge or a point….

showing blade

That’s not really a bad thing, but I wouldn’t say it “disappears” in the hand.


I’m including the dimensions straight from Dapper Design, because they’re very comprehensive:

  • Opened: 85mm / 3.34″
  • Closed: 60mm / 2.36″
  • Blade: 27mm / 1.06″
  • Height: 16.25mm / 0.63″
  • Thickness: 8.15mm / 0.32″
  • Weight: 18.5 grams / 0.65 ounces (without retail packaging)
  • Shipping Weight: 53 grams / 1.87 ounces (with retail packaging)

Steel / Cut / Oats

While the body is titanium, the blade itself is steel.  Specifically, it’s 440C steel.

440C steel

Here’s what Google says about 440C:

Grade 440C stainless steel is a high carbon martensitic stainless steel. It has high strength, moderate corrosion resistance, and good hardness and wear resistance.
And here’s probably more info than you’d need, but I found it useful:


While it’s hard to say there’s a “pocket clip” on this knife, there really is – the whole part of the body is really pocket clip.

pocket clip

This loop rides easily and nicely even on very thick material, and has enough give (and a big enough mouth) that it can go on easily.

Also included in the package are these two mechanics loops.  Dapper Design calls these “cable rings.”  They are attached through the pivot of the knife, but could also be attached through the pocket clip (though this would be much less reliable).

Not only can you use either of those rings, you can use both of those rings if you need a bigger loop.

retainer ring


This is a cool little knife, and if you just want something that can live on your belt or pocket, and only open boxes or letters, then I think you’ll be very pleased with this knife!  The blade is just a bit of a sticking point for me – it seems unnecessarily thick and I’m not sure how sharpening will go.  Better in my mind would be to have tiny (and replaceable) scalpel blades.  Just as good for box openings, easily replaceable, and probably also lighter.


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