Wuben G3 Pen and Box Opener Review

Wuben G3 Pen and Box Opener Review

Wuben has released on Kickstarter a box opening tool with a pen built-in. It’s a neat little thing that includes a split ring and magnet.

Official Specs and Features

Here’s the Wuben G3 Pen and Box Opener product page.


Despite the product page not displaying all the versions (maybe), I know there are at least two.  Two versions are seen in this post!

The two versions seen here are actually different in material, too.  The simpler one is aluminum with a stainless steel body.  The more ornate one is full stainless.



The Kickstarter price is HK$84, which looks to be around $12.  That’s a pretty low cost, so if this interests you at all, have a look!  The stainless version (the one with designs on the body) is priced a bit higher at around $18.

Short Review

First of all, the Wuben G3 is tiny.  That could be ideal, or it could actually be negative, depending on your perspective.  As a box opener (which I’ll call the primary function) it’s okay.  As a pen, it’s probably better.  It’s really an exceptionally tiny pen!  But for $12, it’s reasonable to have it just as a backup.

Long Review

What’s Included

Wuben G3 Pen

I didn’t receive a retail package.


Actually not only did I not receive the retail package, but I also didn’t receive a package at all!  I’m sure the retail package will be plenty nice!

Build Quality and Disassembly

Wuben G3 Pen

I don’t think you’ll have any surprises from the build quality of the Wuben G3.  It’s good.  The whole thing is very tiny though, which makes evaluating build quality a little harder.

Wuben G3 Pen

I’ll be honest about the G3… when I first began handling it, I was only sure it was a box opener.  For the longest time during the photo session, I didn’t realize there’s also a pen!  That accounts for the slight gap in some of these photos on the “lower” model (the smoothy).

But once I realized there’s a pen inside too, I tore it all down!  Taking the whole Wuben G3 apart is simple – all the parts are either screwed or magnet together.

Wuben G3 Pen

And yes, that ink tube is tiny.  This is a backup pen, at most!!!

Also yes, the parts are interchangeable between models.

Wuben G3 Pen


The Wuben G3 Pen in aluminum is 34mm x 9.2mm and 135g in weight.  The Stainless version is the same dimensions but 138g.

Here’s the Wuben G3 Pen (Pen slash box opener!) in hand.

Wuben G3 Pen

Here’s the item with the venerable Convoy S2+.  Mine’s a custom “baked” edition Nichia 219b triple.  A very nice 18650 light.

Wuben G3 Pen

And here’s the Wuben G3 Pen beside my custom engraved TorchLAB BOSS 35, an 18350 light.  I reviewed the aluminum version of that light in both 35 and 70 formats.

Wuben G3 Pen

And here’s both G3’s atop a random sticker!

Wuben G3 Pen


A split ring comes attached to the G3.  The split ring is tiny – less than 1cm at the widest point.  It’s also a very simple split ring.  Simple but functional.

Wuben G3 Pen

Other than the split ring, there’s also sort of, technically a magnetic retention here.  This is really the magnet holding the cap in place, but if you want to just leave the G3 at your desk on a file cabinet or whatever, this will suffice.

Wuben G3 Pen Wuben G3 Pen


I hesitate to really call this a “knife.”  While it’s probably possible to cut yourself with the sharp pointy bit you see below, it’s not going to be the primary activity of this “blade.”

Wuben G3 Pen

I’ll add that the blade is covered with the little cap which attaches with a solid SNAP to the magnetic body.  More on this specifically later, but just keep that in your head.

Wuben G3 Pen

Box Opening

I consider the point of the knife blade to be so specific that it can have its own heading.  This is a package opener, pretty plain and simple.  As a package opener… it’s okay.  

The actual intended usage of the Wuben G3 is exactly how I usually open knives.  I hold the tip of the blade (whatever blade) between my fingers and expose only just enough to slice the tape.  I do not use the knife belly for slicing tape (in fact I cringe when I see people do this, and that’s a personal failing, I know.)

But using the G3 in this way just really does not work all that well.  Maybe it takes a bit of practice.  But because of this, I would consider the G3 a pen first and a package opener second.

All this is absolutely fine, except that the pen is hidden behind a threaded cap.  I would much rather the pen be the more accessible part.  Put the pen on a magnet cap, and the box opener on the threaded end.


This is a standard ballpoint pen.  It’s an exceptionally tiny ballpoint pen, but it’s standard nonetheless.

Wuben G3 Pen


Wuben G3 Pen

You’ll want the knife cap in place when using the G3 as a pen.  But remember the knife cap is a magnetic snap… it’s secure, so it’s fine.

Wuben G3 Pen

One of my samples came as shown above (ready to write).  The other (seen below) came with a cap on the ink.

Wuben G3 Pen Wuben G3 Pen

Unfortunately the pen cap doesn’t stake on the body.  That would allow some extra grip, but being this short, I’m not sure it’d make much difference.

Wuben G3 Pen


What I like

  • Great as a tiny emergency pen!
  • Good as a box opener if you can’t have knives
  • Magnetic cap works well and doesn’t fall off
  • Low cost

What I don’t like

  • Pen and blade should be reversed!
  • Cap for pen should fit on the other end for length while writing
  • Only ok for opening boxes

Parting Shot

Wuben G3 Pen


  • This item was supplied by Wuben for review.  I was not paid to write this review.
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