Lumintop Thor1 LED Flashlight Review

Lumintop Thor1 LED Flashlight Review

Lumintop has released another Thor – the Thor1 LED flashlight. That’s right LED light. There’s a LEP version, too! Read on for testing!

Official Specs and Features

Here’s a link to the official product page.


As far as I can tell, there is only one LED version of the Thor1.  As I said, there’s also a LEP version too, and it is available with four body styles.


The LED version of the Lumintop Thor1 flashlight as seen in this review costs $69.95. There are a couple of additions you should probably buy – namely the 18650 extension tube. You can add a single 18350 cell for $6.95, which isn’t the best or worst price. It’s acceptable.

Short Review

You know, I really like this light. Lights in the 18350 size range scratch an itch for me, and this one is a “stepped up” version of that. Honestly, I didn’t know I was getting the LED version – I opened the packaging figuring it was the LEP. But if you’ve had a LEP you’ll know and agree I’m sure – LEP flashlights have very limited uses. So I’m actually excited that this is a “regular” flashlight. As far as the light itself – I like it just fine. It’s fairly reasonable in cost at $70 and looks very nice.  Performance is good, too.

Long Review

The Big Table

6000-6600 Kelvin

Lumintop ThorI LED Flashlight
Emitter: Luminus SST-40
Price in USD at publication time: $69.95
Cell: 1×18350
Turbo Runtime Graph High Runtime Graph
LVP? Yes
Switch Type: Mechanical
On-Board Charging? No
Claimed Lumens (lm) 1050
Measured Lumens (at 30s) 1371 (130.6% of claim)^
Candela per Lumen 24
Claimed Throw (m) 310
Candela (Calculated) in cd (at 30s) 1243lux @ 5.161m = 33108cd
Throw (Calculated) (m) 363.9 (117.4% of claim)^
Item provided for review by: Lumintop
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^ Measurement disclaimer:  I am an amateur flashlight reviewer.  I don’t have $10,000 or even $1,000 worth of testing equipment.  I test output and such in PVC tubes!!  Please consider claims within 10% of what I measure to be perfectly reasonable (accurate, even).

What’s Included

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight what's included

  • Lumintop Thor1 LED Flashlight
  • Manual

Package and Manual

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight box Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight box Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight lens cover


Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight manual

Build Quality and Disassembly

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight

As I said above, the Thor1 by Lumintop really is a nice-looking light. If you aren’t into it, probably nothing else about the review is going to (or is really intended to) sway you.  But if you like the look as I do, then read on for more photos!  And testing, too, of course.

The build quality on the Thor1 is great. It feels robust and – forgive me if this is blasphemy – has a very “Surefire” feel and look. That tailcap could be considered aggressive!

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight

The bezel has “Kit Kats.”  That little gold ring is removable, but there’s nothing really worth putting in place of it, so you might as well leave it. Neither of mine ever feel off accidentally though, but I’d still be cognizant of them, and not let them escape.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight bezel

The tailcap has a nice beefy and long spring. Threads connecting these parts are unanodized and square cut, and not too long.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight tailcap removed showing threads

The head is actually kind of interesting. Unscrewing the bezel is easy – there’s no fight. Inside the head are these metal parts. There’s a reflector and a pill – easy to separate. In case you’re wondering as I did – no, this is not a P60 compatible flashlight. It’s so close, though. It’s actually a shame that it’s not a P60 light. A dropin does fit and if you wanted to make some connections in there with foil or wire or whatever, it would also work but the Thor1 is definitely not intended as a P60 host.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight head removed showing internals


This easy accessibility does mean you can swap the driver or emitter fairly easily if you wish.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight head and tail off Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight reflector revealed

Now let’s talk about this tailcap for a bit. This tailcap has these holes. Big deep holes which are apparently intended for glow tubes – tritium or maybe just turbo glow. That would be very neat, but I am running mine empty (as I do most of my lights – tritium is expensive!).

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight tailcap

But even empty, this tailcap looks very good, and also provides great grip for cigar carry, and great grip for removing the tailcap for cell swaps. It’s just a great design.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight tritium slots in tailcap

Maybe it’s not terribly pocket friendly, but then, there’s no pocket clip anyway.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight tritium slots in tailcap

Size and Comps

96mm x 32mm x 25.5mm (Length x head Ø x tube Ø)
Net Weight 106g (Aluminum)

If the flashlight will headstand, I’ll show it here (usually the third photo).  If the flashlight will tailstand, I’ll show that here, too (usually the fourth photo).

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight in hand

Here’s the test light with the venerable Convoy S2+.  Mine’s a custom “baked” edition Nichia 219b triple.  A very nice 18650 light.

And here’s the light beside my custom engraved TorchLAB BOSS 35, an 18350 light.  I reviewed the aluminum version of that light in both 35 and 70 formats.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight beside torchlab boss 35

Retention and Carry

Nothing is really included for carry of the Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight. But if you really wanted a lanyard, you could easily attach one through these tailcap holes. They’re actually perfect for lanyard attachment.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight tailcap holes

No pouch or anything else is included. I don’t think the 18650 body has a pocket clip, either.

Power and Runtime

As I have only the 18350-sized body, all I tested with is a single 18350. I tested with a flat top 18350 (lithium-ion) but because both ends have springs, any type 18350 should work fine.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight with 18350 cell

The cell goes into the light in the usual way – positive end toward the head.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight with 18350 cell installed

Here are a few runtime tests. The duration is quite short. I used a cell rated at 1200mAh. The 18650 body should provide better performance. Not just in runtime duration, but also (according to the manual) in the form of increased output. However, chemically, these two cells (18350 and 18650) are the same, so what the manual is saying is that Lumintop thinks 18650 cells are more able to produce high currents. That’s true in many or most cases, but it’s sort of a fine line to draw.

Modes and Currents

Mode Mode Claimed Output (lm) Claimed Runtime Measured Lumens Tailcap Amps
Turbo 1050 5m+1h30m 1371 5.83
High 310 1h55m 1041 2.62
Med 150 3h45m 413 0.78
Low 25 16h 40 0.07

Pulse Width Modulation

What we see here doesn’t seem to be PWM exactly, and I can’t see it by eye, either.

For reference, here’s a baseline shot, with all the room lights off and almost nothing hitting the sensor.  Also, here’s the light with the worst PWM I could find.  I’m adding multiple timescales, so it’ll be easier to compare to the test light.  Unfortunately, the PWM on this light is so bad that it doesn’t even work with my normal scale, with is 50 microseconds (50us).  10ms5ms2ms1ms0.5ms0.2ms.  In a display faster than 0.2ms or so, the on/off cycle is more than one screen, so it’d just (very incorrectly) look like a flat line.  I wrote more about this Ultrafire WF-602C flashlight and explained a little about PWM too.

User Interface and Operation

There’s a single switch on the Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight. It appears to be a mechanical switch, but it does offer some RGB illumination features. It’s a pretty great switch.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight tailcap switch

Because the switch is very proud, tailstanding isn’t easy (or really “reliable”). The switch is actually flat though, so if you’re careful, you can get the light to tailstand.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight tailcap switch

Here’s a UI table!

State Action Result
Off Click On (Mode Memory)
On Click Off
On Tap Mode advance (L>H direction)
On Tap 6x Strobe
On Tap 10x Shift between Mode 1 and Mode 2 (I was unable to confirm this, and the manual doesn’t indicate there’s a notification of the change from 1 to 2)
Strobe Tap Low

LED and Beam

In this copy of the Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight is a Luminus SST-40 emitter. That emitter is nestled safely at the base of a wide and deep (for the light’s size) orange peel reflector.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight emitter and reflector Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight reflector

The bezel is flush, so light doesn’t escape when headstanding.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight flush reflector

The lens appears to have an AR coating.

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight emitter on

Lumintop Thor1 LED flashlight emitter on

LED Color Report (CRI and CCT)

The CCT of this Luminus SST-40 seems to range from around 5900K to around 6600K. From “cool” to “very cool.”  The dUV also gives an indication that the output might “seem green” to those sensitive to greens. And finally, the CRI is definitively on the “low” end, in the mid to upper 60’s.


These beamshots are always with the following settings:  f8, ISO100, 0.3s shutter, and manual 5000K exposure.

Tint vs BLF-348 ( 219b version) (affiliate link)

I keep the test flashlight on the left, and the BLF-348 reference flashlight on the right.

I compare everything to the 219b BLF-348 because it’s inexpensive and has the best tint!


What I like

  • The look
  • Pineapple!
  • RGB tail switch
  • Good throw in an 18350 format
  • Very possible to disassemble and modify the light

What I don’t like

  • 18650 body isn’t included (it’s just $9 but…)
  • So very close to P60 compatibility from Lumintop! I would love this to be P60-capable
  • Low CRI
  • Fairly cool (in CCT)
  • No pocket clip
  • Probably a bit expensive for what it’s offering


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  1. I have this flashlight. For the strobe, I only can activate it but fully clicked the switch 6 times, not tap. And also, I am unable to tell the difference between Mode 1 and 2. Already done the 10 taps (and click), cannot differentiate.

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