BilletSPIN Thunderstorm Titanium Soul Pen Review

I have handled one BilletSPIN pen before and was impressed with it.  It was a heavy copy though – stainless and brass.  I love those two metals, but for a daily driving pen, I tend toward something lighter.  This answers that request – it’s titanium!  Also the clip is updated…. otherwise very similar pens.  Read on for more pics and thoughts!

Astrolux TP01 Pen Review

I’ve had a couple of pens in for review lately, and that’s been great!  I write a fair bit for work, so it’s been nice to have something other than my custom Bic Clic Stic pen.  This is the Astrolux TP01, a titanium body light which fits the Parker style refill.  Read on for more!

Brass Embassy Pen REV 3 (New 2018 Model)

Another item that CountyComm sent for review!  This is the Brass Embassy Pen, Rev 3 (2018).  I love brass, and it’s just blind luck that the nice folks at CountyComm chose this item for me, and I’m excited to have it!  Read on for more thoughts, and more importantly, photos!!