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Thrunite T1 Military Tan Flashlight Review

Today I have in for testing the updated body color Thrunite T1 – it’s called Military Tan.  It’s generally the same as the T1 I already reviewed except this one is neutral white! Read on for some testing.

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Thrunite TH01 Headlamp Testing

Thrunite has a new headlamp on the scene.  It’s one they tout as “the brightest headlamp with a single 18350 battery.”  This is the Thrunite TH01, and here’s some testing and thoughts about it!

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Thrunite T1 Flashlight Review

Thrunite has released something I’ve wanted for a long time now.  This is a pocket friendly 18350 light, with an e-switch.  It’s a good production version counterpoint to many of the “custom” triples out there, most of which have mechanical tail clickies.

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Olight H2R Headlamp Review

Another iteration in the Olight Nova series.  This time it’s with an 18650 cell, an updated headband connection, and overall higher output.  Olight sent one over for me to test and see how this one stacks up!  Thanks to Olight and Going Gear for sending this light to me.

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Nitecore SRT9 Flashlight Review

I think Nitecore picked up on how much I liked the SRT7GT, and so they sent out this SRT9 as well.  I still like the selector ring, and I’m glad to put the SRT9 through the paces.

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Zebralight SC600Fd Mk III Plus Flashlight Review

Here’s one of the first posts I transported over from – because this is one of my favorite flashlight brands… Have a look at this review where I really put the light through it’s paces.

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Olight R50 Seeker Flashlight Review

Olight just released a couple of new lights – the R50 Seeker, and the S1A Baton. I already reviewed the S1A, so now it’s time for the R50 Seeker. I’m excited to review these, and appreciate Olight for providing these for review. And thanks again to Calvin at Illumn for facilitating.

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