Cree XM-L2

Seeknite SK03 Titanium Flashlight Review

The Seeknite SK03 titanium flashlight was a light that hit Banggood not too long ago.  I think it’s been around a while under other names, but I got in at the preorder price and couldn’t say no.  So here’s a Fun Fund Friday review of it! Official Specs and Features of the Seeknite SK03 Titanium …

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Olight S1R II Baton and Olight S2R Baton II Flashlight Review

Olight has a couple of new, similar lights out. Updates of some older models, they are. These are the S1RII Baton, and the S2R Baton II. Yes, those are the official names. No, the 18650 version isn’t “S2RII Baton” – it’s actually “S2R Baton II,” while the 16340 version is the “S1RII Baton.”

Throughout this review, I’ve tried to always discuss the S1RII Baton first, followed by the S2R Baton II. The photos are generally laid out that way. The lights are similar enough that if I don’t specify, you may assume that the feature being discussed is shared by the two lights.