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Klarus XT12GT Flashlight Review

A big ol’ long throwing weapon light, with one of my favorite emitters and a fun little charge port/keychain light? A great light to review!

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Olight PL-1 II Valkyrie Flashlight Review

My first weapon light! Didn’t know how to test it, so I ran it with some rounds!

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Sunwayman G20C Flashlight Review

Recently I was contacted by /u/Emily_Gearbest26 about reviewing a flashlight from them. I opted for a Sunwayman G20C for a few reasons. First, I wanted something I’d never used before. Secondly, I wanted to review something I wouldn’t want to keep. 🙂 Third, I have always wanted to try a Sunwayman light – I have always wanted a titanium v11r drilled with tritium slots…. And finally, I wanted to pick something that the community here would probably enjoy, because GearBest generously agreed to let me keep the light and do with what I wish – I wish to benefit the community by passing it along in a giveaway!

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