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Lumintop EDC AA Flashlight Review

There’s a new AA light on the market, and fortunately it’s quite versatile – it supports AA (Alkaline/NiMH) and 14500 as well!  It’s the Lumintop EDC AA, a relatively simple light with a mechanical clicky tail switch.

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Lumintop EDC Pico Keychain Flashlight Review

Lumintop has a new little keychain flashlight available.  It’s the format used by so many other lights but different in a couple of ways – body colors, and the Osram Pusra1 emitter!  Read on for more info!

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Eagtac TX30C2 Flashlight Review

I have tried for ages to get lights by EagTac for review.  Their lights are consistently solid offerings, and one of the few brands which offer Nichia emitters in their main lineup.  I have a couple of these EagTac lights in for review; here’s the first one!  This is the TX30C2, an 18650 light with medium range, and dual switch interface.

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