Lumintop D2 Thrower Flashlight Review

Lumintop D2 Thrower Flashlight Review

Lumintop has released the D2, a thrower style flashlight, which runs on a 21700, and has USB-C charging. Read on for some testing!

Official Specs and Features

Here’s a link to the Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight product page.


One body is available but there are two emitter options.  Osram (CW, 5700K) (seen here) and Nichia 4000K.

There are packages available too.  Without cell, with an 18650, or with a 21700 cell.


Base price of the Lumintop D2 Thrower flashlight is $39.95.  The 18650 pushes the price to 45.95.  Adding the 21700 to the flashlight brings the total to $50.95.  My package included the 18650 cell, which is what I’ve used for testing.

And an even better price is available on amazon!  This light with 18650 is selling for under $30 on amazon (referral link).

Short Review

First of all let’s talk about the general build quality here – it’s fantastic!  Secondly the price.  At $40, this is an inexpensive thrower!  Add in the comparatively small size and this makes a great pocket thrower!

Long Review

The Big Table

Lumintop D2 Thrower Flashlight
Emitter: Osram GW.Pusra1 PM (5700K)
Price in USD at publication time: $39.95
$29.95 on Amazon (with cell!)
Cell: 1×21700
Turbo Runtime Graph High Runtime Graph
LVP? Switch warning, Off
Switch Type: E-Switch
Quiescent Current (mA): 0.11
On-Board Charging? Yes
Charge Port Type: USB-C
Charge Graph
Power off Charge Port with cell: all modes
without cell: all modes
without body: all modes (!!!)
Claimed Lumens (lm) 1000
Measured Lumens (at 30s) 1122 (112.2% of claim)^
Candela per Lumen 45
Claimed Throw (m) 475
Candela (Calculated) in cd (at 30s) 1384lux @ 6.176m = 52790cd
Throw (Calculated) (m) 459.5 (96.7% of claim)^
All my Lumintop reviews!

^ Measurement disclaimer:  Testing flashlights is my hobby. I use hobbyist-level equipment for testing, including some I made myself. Try not to get buried in the details of manufacturer specifications versus measurements recorded here; A certain amount of difference (say, 10 or 15%) is perfectly reasonable.

What’s Included

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight what's included

  • Lumintop D2 Thrower Flashlight
  • Lumintop 2600mAh 18650
  • 21700 to 18650 adapter
  • Charge cable (USB to USB-C)
  • Lanyard
  • Split ring
  • Manual

Package and Manual

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight lens cover

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight manual Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight manual

Build Quality and Disassembly

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight feature photo

As I said above, this is a high-quality flashlight.  High quality, low cost – a great deal.  The D2 is built around the same base of the Lumintop bike flashlight I tested a while back, the B01.

Here’s the top-down view.

On the head are minimal-depth cooling fins, which handle the 3A or so just fine.

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight cooling fins

Both head and tail are removable from the cell tube.  Below you can see the big spring on the tailcap.

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight tailcap

The head has a spring too, but it’s much less beefy.

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight springs

The cell tube is not reversible.

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight cell tube

Despite receiving some grief for the bunny logo, Lumintop is still using it on the switches.

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight lit switch

Size and Comps

Officially: 37mm x 115mm x 25.4mm.  The weight is 85g without a cell.

If the flashlight will headstand, I’ll show it here (usually the third photo).  If the flashlight will tailstand, I’ll show that here, too (usually the fourth photo).

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight in hand

Here’s the test light with the venerable Convoy S2+.  Mine’s a custom “baked” edition Nichia 219b triple.  A very nice 18650 light.

And here’s the light beside my custom engraved TorchLAB BOSS 35, an 18350 light.  I reviewed the aluminum version of that light in both 35 and 70 formats.

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight beside torchlab boss 35

Here’s a shorty D2!  Super shorty!

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight short boi

Retention and Carry

The main way for carrying the Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight is the included lanyard, which attaches through these two wholes in the tailcap


Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight tailcap lanyard hole


Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight lanyard

There is no pocket clip, nor is there anywhere to install a pocket clip obtained from another flashlight.  This is one of the nicer features of the light, because the body doesn’t vary much in diameter due to the lack of a pocket clip shelf.

Power and Runtime

Lumintop included an 18650 with this light, so despite it accepting 21700 sized cells, I tested exclusively with this included cell.  Having springs on both ends, it should work with even the shortest 18650s, and also long 21700 cells.  Protected/unprotected, flat top/button top; shouldn’t matter.

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight included 18650

The included cell is a button top.

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight included 18650

The adapter is just a plastic sleeve – no aluminum or other.  It’s just a diameter adjustment.

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight included 18650 with adapter

Turbo steps down after 12 or so minutes to around 500 lumens, which it holds for around 2 hours.

High looks the same, except it starts at ~500 lumens and holds it for over 2 hours.

Notably, this performance is essentially the same as the B01.


On the Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight is built-in charging.  It’s by a USB-C port in the head, opposite the switch.  This is one difference from the original B01, which had micro-USB.  The newer B01 (and the one you’d receive if you purchased now) has USB-C too (just like this D2!)  The update is welcome!

Lumintop also includes a USB to USB-C cable.

Charging looks great, but also looks much more suited to 21700 cells.  This 2A charging is almost 1C for the included 18650.  This rate of 1C is not at all “too much!”  However, slower charging could allow a cell to have better longevity.  In any case I’d probably suggest using a 21700 in this light for plenty of reasons, and the charge rate during the CC phase is one of those.

Modes and Currents

Mode Mode Claimed Output (lm) Claimed Runtime (for an 18650) Measured Lumens Tailcap Amps
Turbo 1000 5m + 2h30m 1122 3.17
High 550 3h 25m 502 0.92
Medium 270 7h 40m 236 0.39
Low 15 82h 15 0.02

Pulse Width Modulation

There is no PWM on any mode.

For reference, here’s a baseline shot, with all the room lights off and almost nothing hitting the sensor.  Also, here’s the light with the worst PWM I could find.  I’m adding multiple timescales, so it’ll be easier to compare to the test light.  Unfortunately, the PWM on this light is so bad that it doesn’t even work with my normal scale, which is 50 microseconds (50us). 10ms5ms2ms1ms0.5ms0.2ms.  In a display faster than 0.2ms or so, the on/off cycle is more than one screen, so it’d just (very incorrectly) look like a flat line.  I wrote more about this Ultrafire WF-602C flashlight and explained a little about PWM too.

User Interface and Operation

The Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight switch is a silicone e-switch in the head, with a Lumintop logo and an indicating LED.  During normal operation, the green color makes the Lumintop rabbit light up nicely.

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight e-switch

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight e-switch backlight

Here’s a UI table!

State Action Result
Off Click On (Mode Memory)
Off Hold (3s) Strobe
Off Long Hold (5s) Lockout^
Strobe Click SOS
Lockout Long Hold Unlock
On Hold (1s) Off
On Double Click Turbo
On Click Mode Advance (LMH)
Turbo Click Previous Mode

^ Yes, to get to lockout you must go through strobe.

LED and Beam

Lumintop states this emitter as an “Osram GW.Pusra1 PM in 5700K”.

Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight osram emitter

I don’t have just a​ ton of experience with this emitter, but it seems to have great output at fairly low currents.

The reflector used is very smooth, and good sized.

reflector on

You can see below in this “uncalibrated” beamshot that there’s a very tight bit of throw, with fairly even spill.

against fence

LED Color Report (CRI and CCT)

The claimed CCT is 5700K, and we do see that on the lowest output.  Above that, the temperature trends much bluer, however.


These beamshots are always with the following settings:  f8, ISO100, 0.3s shutter, and manual 5000K exposure.

Tint vs BLF-348 ( 219b version) (affiliate link)

I keep the test flashlight on the left, and the BLF-348 reference flashlight on the right.

I compare everything to the 219b BLF-348 because it’s inexpensive and has the best tint!


What I like

  • Great throw
  • Complete package
  • Updated to USB-C Charging
  • Very flat outputs on all modes other than Turbo
  • Turbo holds fairly well at high level
  • Nichia version is available

What I don’t like

  • Cool to very cool on higher output levels
  • User interface is a little quirky


  • This light was provided by Lumintop for review. I was not paid to write this review.
  • This content originally appeared at  Please visit there for the best experience!
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6 thoughts on “Lumintop D2 Thrower Flashlight Review”

  1. Hey, you wrote a great review, so thank you very much!
    I received my D2 last week. I chose the Nichia LED, because I live the warmer tone.

    After I read your review about the Lumintop B01, I ordered one aß well. It arrived a couple of weeks ago.

    In this review you wrote: “On the Lumintop D2 thrower flashlight is built-in charging. It’s by a USB-C port in the head, opposite the switch. This is one difference from the B01, which has micro-USB. The update is welcome!”

    My recently ordered B01 came with an USB-C Port as well. So they updated it, too 🙂

  2. Sorry for the typos! I just wrote my comment on a tablet and did not realize that the auto correction changed some words 😉

    Anyway, my new version of the Lumintop B01 might be a little bit different than the one you have reviewed. The color temperature of mine is 4000K. The early versions of the B01 are reported to have had cooler tones.

    The Lumintop web page states the following specs for the B01/D2:

    Low: 10 Lumens (B01) / 15 Lumens (D2)

    Medium: 250 Lumens / 270 Lumens

    High: 450 Lumens / 550 Lumens

    Turbo: 850 Lumens / 1000 Lumens

    The user manuals I received with my B01 and D2 state different specs:

    Low: 15 Lumens (B01) / 15 Lumens (D2)

    Medium: 260 Lumens / 270 Lumens

    High: 550 Lumens / 550 Lumens

    Turbo: 900 Lumens / 1000 Lumens

    Despite the fact that the supposed lumens might be a little bit different in the real world, it is possible that there has been a slight change between the older versions of the Lumintop B01 and the newer versions.

  3. Do you have any suggestions for one or two ideal 21700 batteries for this flashlight to get the best performance out of it? Not hotrod pushed-to-the-limits performance. Just excellent performance without pushing it unnecessarily hard.

    1. Any higher capacity 21700 would be good. This light doesn’t push a cell too hard, only drawing around 3A on the highest mode. I’d just look for a 21700 with high capacity.

  4. I recently got one of these with the Osram emitter, largely based on your review. Great light for the Amazon price. Fills a niche in my lineup lol. I was thinking though, how this would be even more amazing with a 26650 sized tube. I don’t think it would change the hand feel all that much and it would boost runtime. IMO, Turbo mode is cool but I want long runtime on med/high.

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