CJRB Caldera Knife (J1923-BRE) Review

CJRB Caldera Knife (J1923-BRE) Review

Another knife by CJRB, the Caldera, is a folder with G10 handles and uses the new AR-RPM9 steel. It’s quite beefy. Read on for more photos!

Official Specs

Here’s a link to the CJRB Caldera knife product page.


There are a couple of versions of the Caldera. There’s red (seen here) and another with “blue” where the scales of this red are red. I’d say it’s more grey, though. 


MSRP of the CJRB Caldera G10 knife is $79.98. The Caldera is available on amazon though, for a discounted price of $47.99 in the red.

Short Review

My knife needs typically revolve around tasks that are well suited to small knives. This Caldera is (for me) a “big knife” and as such is overkill for most of my needs (like slicing apples). That said, it does slice apples very well, and will probably do your other big-knife tasks just great, too. 

Long Review

Package and Manual

CJRB Caldera G10 knife box

CJRB Caldera G10 knife box

There is no manual.

What’s Included

CJRB Caldera G10 knife

  • CJRB Caldera G10 handle knife


There’s no denying that the Caldera has a presence! It has the look of a big angular knife, and it does that role well.

CJRB Caldera G10 knife feature photo

The pops of color from the G10 scales are great. The red under the pivot screw matches the G10 better than the photos show, too. 

CJRB Caldera G10 knife back side

CJRB Caldera G10 knife open clip side

CJRB Caldera G10 knife open non-clip side

Open / Close / Lock

One of my favorite features of the Caldera is that it’s a flipper! I love flippers. Small flippers (like the Civivi Mini Elementum) all the way up to big flippers (like this Caldera). I love the thonk of these blades opening. 

CJRB Caldera G10 knife flipper

And the Caldera has a good thonk. It’s not quite as beefy as one of my favorite knives of all time, the Spyderco Rubicon, but then it lacks quite a bit of the blade thickness and weight, too (the grinds are different between those two).  

CJRB Caldera G10 knife flipping while closed

CJRB Caldera G10 knife flipped open

If you don’t wish to use the flipper, there’s also the option of this gigantic hole in the blade.

CJRB Caldera G10 knife enlarged spyderco hole

The CJRB Caldera is a liner lock knife, and I didn’t have any trouble with the lockup.

CJRB Caldera G10 knife liner lock

Build and Feel

The knife has a nice weight. G10 usually provides a good amount of grip and that’s true on the Caldera too.  

CJRB Caldera G10 knife beefy blade

CJRB Caldera G10 knife beefy blade label

The black parts of the scales are G10, too. That little pivot screw area looks like a lock release button but it’s not – it’s just the backside of the pivot screw (which does have a Torx head.)

CJRB Caldera G10 knife pivot screw detail

CJRB Caldera G10 knife black g10

And here’s the pivot screw.

CJRB Caldera G10 knife pivot screw is Torx

There’s jimping on the spine, but it’s not aggressive. 

CJRB Caldera G10 knife jimping

The blade is centered very nicely.

CJRB Caldera G10 knife blade centering

CJRB put a neat backspacer here. It appears to be anodized aluminum, and also has something resembling jimping, too. 

CJRB Caldera G10 knife backspacer

CJRB Caldera knife Size

Blade Length: 3.5″
Blade Thickness: 0.13″
Overall Length: 8.3″
Closed Length: 4.8″
Weight 4.94: oz

CJRB Caldera G10 knife on a two dollar bill

CJRB Caldera G10 knife on a two dollar bill

CJRB Caldera G10 knife with comparable lights

Here’s the Caldera alongside some of my favorite flashlights (above) and one of my favorite knives, below. That’s the Civivi Elementum, which I’ve also made a post about.

CJRB Caldera G10 knife with civivi elementum

CJRB Caldera G10 knife in hand

CJRB Caldera G10 knife in hand

CJRB Caldera G10 knife in hand

Steel / Cut / Oats

CJRB says this steel is AR-RPM9. Again, the blade is a full flat grind and looks great.

CJRB Caldera G10 knife blade detail

CJRB Caldera G10 knife blade steel label

CJRB Caldera G10 knife full flat grind

I don’t know enough about steel to comment, but here’s what knifenewsroom.com says:

Artisan wanted a powdered steel that functions somewhere between 14C28N and D2. They wanted the corrosion resistance of 14C28 with the hardness of D2 that not only holds an edge but is also easy to sharpen. Finally, they also wanted a steel they could provide at an affordable price.


Carry of the CJRB Caldera knife is by way of a deep carry pocket clip. This clip ships attached as seen below. 

CJRB Caldera G10 knife pocket clip

Thanks to these two holes on the opposite side, the clip can be reversed if you need opposite carry. 

CJRB Caldera G10 knife pocket clip is reversible

The clip does not sit “into” the body (ie there’s no cutout in the scales) (as you can see above) but it does provide a nice deep carry.

CJRB Caldera G10 knife pocket clip is deep carry

Conclusion on the CJRB Caldera knife

Again, I wouldn’t say in general that bigger knives are my jam. As far as bigger knives go, the CJRB Caldera with G10 handles is very suited to bigger knife tasks. The build quality is nice and it seems to be a good value at under $50.


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