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YLP Unicorn 1.0 Flashlight Review

I’ve seen these YLP lights floating around a bunch lately and they seem interesting enough that I wanted my own shot at them.  YLP agreed…

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Lumintop HL3A Flashlight Review

Here’s a light that is “another in the series” so in many ways this is a review you can already sort of expect.  On the other hand this is the first of the series of FW type lights to be right angle!  This is the HL3A, and I’ve had this review done for a while and waiting on the official product page.  That’s up, so here’s this review!

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Imalent DM21C Flashlight Review

Here’s a light that I’ve sort of already reviewed before…. at first glance.  The DM21C looks like a big version of the LD10, but is not really.  This is an 18650 light, and the cell can be removed.  Everything needed is included, and it has two switches.  Read on for more!

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Nitecore TUBE 2.0 Keychain Flashlight Review

Here’s a version 2 light by Nitecore, where I have surprisingly never reviewed the first version.  It’s the TUBE2.0; a slim keychain light, with a bare 5mm emitter and ramping.  Read on for some testing!

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Lumintop EDC18 Flashlight Review

Lumintop had great success with the FW series, and expanded it greatly.  They also went a different directly – a more standard light but with an e-switch on the side.  That’s the EDC18, and here’s my testing of it!

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Custom ReyLight Gemini with Crescendo UI Flashlight Review

My Fun Fund Friday review for today is of a light I couldn’t not own.  It’s an orange coated ReyLight called the Gemini.  Now, this particular copy that I purchased myself, is from the secondary market, and the UI has been swapped entirely for something custom.  So I’m mainly showing my evaluation of the physical light itself and I’ll probably also comment some on the UI, which is ToyKeeper’s Crescendo.  Hope that type post interests you, and please read on!

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Lumintop FW1A Flashlight Review

Lumintop has been busy expanding on the FW line of lights.  First there was the FW3A, which I reviewed and like a lot.  Then there were some special metal editions (titanium, copper).  Now there’s a longer single emitter version, which I’m reviewing today:  The FW1A.  

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Astrolux EC01 Flashlight Review

There’s a new 21700 light on the block!  It falls into my “wall o’ light” category, since it’s a massive output of 3500 claimed lumens. …

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Amutorch X9 Flashlight Review

One of a few lights I recently received from NealsGadgets was another Amutorch.  A triple, but an unusual one – it’s a 26650 cell, broad head triple with an indicating switch, and on-board charging.

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Thrunite T1 Flashlight Review

Thrunite has released something I’ve wanted for a long time now.  This is a pocket friendly 18350 light, with an e-switch.  It’s a good production version counterpoint to many of the “custom” triples out there, most of which have mechanical tail clickies.

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