Holiday Flashlight Guide 2020 – You Should Buy These!

I hope 2020 has been a great year for you!  It’s been a great gear year, that’s for certain.  Notably we got a redesigned TorchLAB BOSS, with many advancements there.  We also saw more widespread acceptance of USB-C charging, and emitters like the Samsung LH351d helped us have the best of many good aspects a flashlight can offer.

fireflylite e01 luminus sst-40 21700 on side main pic

FireFlyLite E01 Luminus SST-40 21700 Flashlight Review

There’s a new US based seller of FireFly lights.  This is a big change, since they’ll be handling warranty work too.  Along with this change comes a change in name of the FireFly brand – it’s now FireFlyLite.  They set an E01, and based on some news I’ve handled over at PhotonPhreaks.com, they have some very interesting lights upcoming!  Read on for a review of the E01 they sent to me.