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Wuben L50 18650 Flashlight Testing and Review

Today I’m reviewing the Wuben L50 18650 flashlight – not the newest flashlight, but it’s what I have in my hands from Wuben.  Read on…

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Wuben H1 Headlamp Review

In my hands today is a new headlamp by Wuben.  This is the H1, an 18650 light with two white emitters, and red.  Read on for some thoughts and testing!

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Wuben TO50R HC Flashlight Review

This is the Wuben TO50R, which started on BLF as “The Flashlight.”  It claimed at the time 2500 lumens (bumped to 2800 now), high CRI, on-board charging, a cell included, and can be used as a powerbank, too.  

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Wuben E05 Flashlight Review

Wuben is still hitting the scene hard.  I’ve reviewed a Wuben before, the TO10R.  The build quality is great, and I was interested to see if Wuben would keep that trend going.  They sent the E05, which I believe has just been released, and here’s my review and test of it!

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Wuben TO10R Flashlight Review

Another light from Fasttech!  This time it’s a new brand for me; Wuben.  Wuben says on their website that they’ve been in the flashlight market for over 30 years.  They make quite a few lights I hope to eventually get to test, but for now it’s the TO10R, a 16340 triple with on-board charging!

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