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AllMaybe PD45 Mobile Phone Adapter Review

Illumn dropped this little mobile phone adapter in a recent package, and I wanted to give it a quick look.  I can’t test it fully,…

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XTAR EU4 USB Hub Review

I was in gross need of a USB port with QC3 capabilities for a charger or two I was testing.  I got super lucky that XTAR has this product just out, and they dropped one in the mail to me.  This power brick has three USB ports, one of which has QC3 capabilities.  The other two have output up to 2.4A, and there’s also a USB-C port!  Read on for my testing and thoughts!

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XTAR MC3 Charger Review

Another charger from XTAR!  They make great chargers, so I’m happy to have another one in my stable.  This is a 3-bay, 3A max charger, which supports only Li-ion cells, but has the capability to hold 3×26650, or 3×21700.  Very capable charger!

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XTAR SC2 Charger Review

Today I have another charger by XTAR in for review.  I have reviewed a number of “simple” chargers by XTAR (the D2 and D4, for example).  This is simple in the same way, but adds Quick Charge 3 connectivity.  That means it should be capable of faster (much faster?) charging that other (non QC3) chargers.  Let’s see if that pans out!

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XTAR D36 5800 Flashlight Review

XTAR has a new dive light out.  It’s an interesting light, with dual emitters that fits both flood and spotlight cases, and has a ridiculous output level.  There’s removable battery pack, OLED display, two switches – just a lot going on!  Read on to see how the light works!

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XTAR 21700 Li-Ion Cell Review

LiionWholesale sent a couple of their new cells for some testing.  This is the new Samsung 50e, a 21700 li-ion cell.  It’s rated for 10A continuous discharge.  Read on for performance graphs!

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XTAR D2 and D4 Charger Review

XTAR makes some great products, and have a massive line of chargers.  Here are two new chargers, the D2 and D4.  Very similar chargers, except one’s a 2-bay, and one’s a 4-bay.  I think they could make great basic fast chargers, but I’m glad to test them to find out!

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XTAR VC2S Charger Review

Xtar has a bunch of new chargers out, including this update to a previous model.  This is the VC2S, which steps up the game from the original VC2 by adding an S!!  Maybe more, but read on to find that info out!

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XTAR VC4 Charger Review

GearBest has been sending out these VC4 chargers lately, an I was on the receiving end.  I’m pleased with that, since I typically like XTAR goods.  This charger isn’t new, and is quite simple, so could be a good standard.  Read on to see how it tests!

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XTAR D06 1600 Dive Light Review

My list of XTAR items reviewed includes many chargers, but only one light.  But they have out a new light.  It’s a dive light, with an interesting switch.  I’m no diver, but I did put the light through the normal paces.  Here’s that review!  

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