Goodbye 2021, Welcome 2022!

Goodbye 2021, Welcome 2022!

Goodbye 2021, Welcome 2022!  Here at, 2021 has been great.  I hope it has been for you as well!  I’m going to take the opportunity to highlight some posts from this year, including some of my favorite posts and favorite gear!

Goodbye 2021

Most Read Posts

Here’s a list of the most-read posts in 2020.  This is sort of a hard count list – I haven’t normalized by date, so the info will of course be skewed toward older posts since they’ve had more time to have more traffic.  But it is what it is.  If I get a chance I’ll reevaluate the list and run the actual numbers on things.  Till then, here’s the list.

Most Read Post – Sofirn SC31 Pro

The most-read post on this website for 2021 is the review of the Sofirn SC31 Pro.  I wouldn’t call that a surprise – this is a low-cost light that hits hard, and many people are interested in it!  It also features Andúril2 and is one of the least costly ways to get into that user interface.  I will add that a post on SlickDeals linked to my review of this light, and that bumped the traffic (though it would still actually be my most read review of the year anyway!)

Sofirn is a great brand.  They generally produce low-cost lights but are also producing tons of iterations and emitter options and even some random stuff like the LT1 lantern (which I have still not reviewed!).

Second Most Read Post – Convoy S2+

Next up is the Convoy S2+.  I’m pleased to have finally reviewed the Convoy S2+ from (even if this review, like the Sofirn review, technically dropped in 2020), because it’s a stalwart, and everyone should own this light.  I probably own 10.  Maybe more.  I really haven’t counted.

convoy s2+ sst20 2700K 6x7135 zeroair edition black friction clip

What I have pictured above isn’t the review copy, it’s the modified “ZeroAir edition” which I put together myself.  Black switch and pocket clip, a 2700K emitter, and some other fun things.  I still love the Convoy S2+.  In fact, I have other posts about the S2+ in UV, for example.  Maybe in 2022, I’ll do a build log of a custom single or triple?  What do you think?

Third Most Read Post – BLF-348

That’s right, my second most-read post was not only not from 2021, but it also was not from 2019 either!  It does make sense – I link the BLF-348 review in every flashlight post, so anyone interested in my comparison light might click through.  I still love that little flashlight, and I wish they’d make more!

I’ve been working with to try to produce something similar (but maybe better) than the BLF-348, but that’s quite a task (because the BLF-348 is so great!)

Fourth, a Fun Fund Friday Review

Unlike the 2020 report, where we had to go all the way down to thirty sixth on the list to find a Fun Fund Friday as most read post, in 2021 a Fun Fund Friday post was fifth in the list.  That post is a review of the Emisar D4V2 in brass.  I tested both 18650 and 18350 bodies, and maybe an unusual emitter combo (the Nichia E21A quad).  That’s good because maybe it means I’ve spent some money in such a way that is interesting to readers!

emisar d4v2 brass flashlight nichia e21a 4500K feature photo

To be honest that light was “just fine” but I liked it exactly enough to move it along to a happy new owner.  In the meantime, a kind reader had an aluminum D4V2 cerakoted orange and installed (himself) Nichia 219b emitters.  It’s really the perfect light for me, and I really absolutely use this thing all the time.  It’s quite warm and the lighted switch makes it so easy to find at night that I use it around the house all the time.

In 2021, I posted 18 Fun Fund Friday reviews.  That’s up 1 from 2020.  I recommend checking those out here!  Should I stop reviewing things that interest me enough for me to throw my money at?  What do you think?  I have some very exciting (to me?) things lined up already for 2021 in this category!

Favorite Reviewed Items

This year I published 171 reviews.  I had only a very general goal of posting flashlights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and that was mostly met.  While Tuesdays and Thursdays were generally for non-flashlight and flashlight-related items, though this year I believe there were much fewer of those (than even in 2020).  Honestly, I had so many more flashlights this year that sometimes I posted four or 5 flashlights posts per week.

TorchLAB Future BOSS with MOFF

Without a doubt, my favorite item from 2021 was the TorchLAB Future BOSS with the all-new MOFF switch.  I absolutely adore this light, and despite initial trepidations on the new switch, I find myself reaching for this as a carry light more than just about anything else.

I recommend looking at that post as a whole to see what the MOFF switch is about.  But a quick summary is that it’s about SPEED!  Changing modes is surprisingly faster than with a typical McClicky, and I’d call it “more reliable” too.  Read the review to see why!

Olight Obulb Christmas

Simply just a fun and safe lantern-style light that you can leave on, or hand to a kid or whatever, and not really have to worry about.  It has a warm CCT output and some other color outputs too.  Not just that, but there are different body colors (including orange, yay!) and some toppers that are just mind-bogglingly fun to play around with.  Below is the Santa topper!  Check out the Olight Obulb Christmas Edition review.  I have actually made two posts on the Obulb this year – this one might have a bit more (or different) data in this Olight Obulb review.

That brings me to my favorite gear of the year.

My Top Personal Lights of 2021

Hanko Machine Works Trident

2021 sees two big changes with regard to my top personal lights.  The top two from 2020 are still in the mix, but now I’d call it four top lights.  Here are those four lights I reach for most often.  

First is the brass Hanko Machine Works, which has tritium – again, that makes it super easy to distinguish at night, so it’s easy to grab.  I also “finished” this light in 2021, outfitting it with a SteelFlame Hardness Triple in bronze (I can’t get a good reference on the actual name of this one – if someone knows please let me know so I can put it here!)  This finished version of the Hanko Full Twist is brass with tritium, a Lux-RC 371d driver, and this Steelflame pocket clip – I call it my “heavy Hanko.”

zeroair reviews 2020 top posts heavy hanko brass with steel flame pocket clip hardness

Hanko Machine Works Trident

Another of my “most reached for” light is also a Hanko – The Hanko Machine Works Trident Reactor in titanium.  This is my “light Hanko.”

zeroair reviews 2020 top posts light hanko reactor titanium single sigma custom works

It’s not just an HMW Trident.  I converted this one from a stock triple to a single with a reflector.  The emitter is now a single Cree XP-L HI in 4000K with an H17f driver, and it is literally the perfect flashlight.  The conversion engine is by Devin of Sigma Custom Works.  The conversion is more throwy and also quite significantly lighter than the stock triple.

I never reviewed either of these two Hanko Machine Works Tridents, but I did review one that is functionally similar to a stock Trident.  That’s the Hanko Machine Works Trident Total Tesseract in brass.

Emisar D4V2 Nichia 219b Cerakote Orange

Next up, as I said above one of my most reached-for around the house lights is the custom Emisar D4V2 Nichia 219b cerakote orange. This one is especially special since it was a gift from a reader well-versed in my favorite things.

TorchLAB Future BOSS with MOFF

Also top from 2021 is the TorchLAB Future BOSS with MOFF, which I talked about above.

TorchLAB BOSS flashlights make up the headlining image from this site, so it should come as no surprise that it’s a favorite.  However, I’ve added more over the year(s) since taking that headline image.

Favorites Other Posts!

Usually, I’d say some of the “How Do I…” posts make the favorites list.  But I didn’t do a single one of those in 2021!  I was fairly busy with flashlight reviewing, so I’ll say that’s my excuse.

The upcoming year might be a good opportunity for me to catalog (both for me and you all) how I do the newest addition to my testing:  CRI and CCT.  I added an X-Rite Colormunki in 2021, and have included CRI and CCT data in all flashlight posts since getting that device.

Anything else that’d be good to see in 2022?


While I was exceptionally pleased with the image I used as a logo and watermark in 2020, I updated that quite satisfactorily in 2021.

It’s still not perfect, but it’ll work!  In fact, it worked for me so well that I have used it for a test run of 10 vinyl stickers!  I have used them and given them out here and there…  I love them!

Over 700 Posts!!

One final note about 2021 – this year saw me creeping up on 800 posts total on my site.  Just as I said last year, I don’t aim for quantity.  My aim is quality.  But if I can keep up the quality and have the quantity, I’m ok with that too.

As ever, I welcome constructive feedback!


At the suggestion (I say suggestion, but I mean “insistence”) of my family, I added a Patreon in 2021.  Specifically in regard to how much time reviewing takes away from my family (since I do in fact have a full time “regular job” that isn’t reviewing flashlights), and given that my family doesn’t really want flashlights as gifts, Patreon is a great way for me to make my the time taken reviewing valuable to them.  While I love each and every one of my Patreon subscribers, Patreon hasn’t been a good way for me to convince family that me reviewing flashlights is worth their time.

So please support me on Patreon!  My family will both love you for it, and probably allow me to continue reviewing flashlights with your support!

Welcome, 2022!

What’s in store for 2022?

I’m already working on reviews for 2022.  I have a few items that I’m very excited to get working on.

Also, I’ll continue working with PhotonPhreaks, writing news articles and the like.

I enjoy making Fun Fund Friday posts, particularly of unusual and/or custom items, and I will continue that.  In fact, I have more Fun Fund Friday posts in the wings than I do of other type items!  This gets costly of course, so any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!  Help comes in the form of just clicking links!  The traffic matters!  If you’re feeling wild, shoot your favorite manufacturer an email and recommend that they send review items to me for review.

My list of responsibilities has grown this year, but in 2021 I hope to keep posts going here.  I enjoy it, and I hope you do too!

What would you like to see here for 2022?

Let me know in the comments, or shoot me a private message through the contact page!

Thank you for reading!

You guys are the best.

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6 thoughts on “Goodbye 2021, Welcome 2022!”

  1. Would absolutely love to see some convoy s2+ builds, your posts about them intrigued me to dig a little deeper into them and build a triple LH351D 4000k version.

    1. Nice! I need to actually learn how to build one first lol. It’s a skill I … haven’t honed.

  2. Happy New Year and thank you for your reviews. I really like the runtimes graphics. For 2022 I would like to see sofirn hs40 and hs20

    1. I’ll have to ask Sofirn about those two. As far as I know, they haven’t planned to send those. I’d love to test them, though!

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