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Nitefox UW360 Floodlight+Spotlight Review

This is a light I’d never have asked for but got in a package with another light (The UT25).  I liked the UT25 just fine, and in fact have liked other Nitefox lights just fine too.  This is an unusual light from their line; let’s see how it stacks up.

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Nitefox UT25 Flashlight Review

I’ve handled a few Nitefox lights (here are those reviews).  Generally I’ve been impressed especially at their cost.  The UT25 is one of the newer offerings.  A dual switch ‘tactical’ light.  Here’s the review!

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Nitefox UT20 Flashlight Review

This is the second (and final for now) Nitefox review.  This is an 18650 light with dual switches, and an indicating switch.  Nice light; read on for more!

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Nitefox K3 Flashlight Review

Truth is, I really only like one kind of twisty light.  That happens to be triple A pocket lights.  Nightfox wanted to send another of their lights for review (the UT20) and I asked that they include this little twisty.  So here’s how that one pans out!  (The UT20 will likely be finished later this week.)

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